IP Protection

Hope Tech Global's Western management has the unique specialization of doing business in China. Hope Tech Global offers internal, external and special IP Protection measures that ensures Intellectual Property security.

Businesses understand the risks involved when dealing with Intellectual Property in China and so does the experienced Western management team at Hope Tech Global. One of the great advantages of choosing Hope Tech Global is the measures taken when working with their clients' Intellectual Property. The following are the measures taken by Hope Tech Global to protect Intellectual Property:

Internal Measures
Passionate and Committed Team of Coworkers
Non-Disclosure Agreements
Non-Compete Agreements
Separation of Data on the servers
In-House Testing and Final Assembly
International Management Team
Anti-Corruption Training

External Measures
Non-Disclosure Agreements
Dividing Product Data among Different Suppliers
Not Disclosing the Function of the Product to Suppliers

Special Options
Software Design outside China
IC Programming outside China
Design in “Dummy” Parts
Final Assembly of the Critical Component outside of China