Who We Are

Hope Tech Global is all about helping people through leveraging the Electronics Supply Chain resources in China. We do this by engineering products for the China Supply Chain. Our Research and Product development is centered around the Green Tech sector and Wireless Devices. Hope Tech Global turns concepts and dreams into supply chain realities that can be scaled rapidly.

At Hope Tech Global the bottom line is not the end of the story but the starting line to help people in the developing world. We do this through engineering special products that are focused on providing the optimum function, cost and quality.

HTG consists of a multinational team from 6 different countries. The team is continuously striving to deliver service and products with excellence through continued innovation. Our offices are located in Hong Kong and Beijing, China. The company was registered in Hong Kong in January, 2009 and currently has several private investors from Australia, New-Zealand, South Africa and the USA. The primary research and development center is in Beijing and HTG also has a partner offices in Capetown, South-Africa, Bilboa, Spain and Yaounde, Cameroon.

The core advantage of HTG's product development is that we design products for mass manufacturing in China. We do this by strategically aligning the supply chain from day one. This significantly reduces a product’s costs. Our Western management team ensures that the quality remains at a high standard and that IP remains protected throughout the process.