ODM Solutions – Hope Tech Global

Early Projects

Since the start of 2009, Hope Tech Global has been involved in various sourcing and product development projects. The projects are primarily in the Green Tech and Wireless device industry.

Below are some examples of our projects.

  • Various commercial dimmable LED lights
  • IP65 Radar enclosure and intelligent power supply
  • NFC mobile prepayment antenna bridge
  • Residential elevator systems
  • Digital audio device
  • Mobile banking and security device
  • RFID tags
  • Specialized residential scale device
  • Solar LED lights
  • Component localization for a baby monitoring device
  • Component localization of a heating control module
  • Component localization of power supply module
  • Supply Chain restructuring of an acoustically sensitive pump
  • Supply Chain restructuring of logistics monitoring device
  • Various sourcing projects relating to electronic product accessories and metal parts

Since 2012 HTG has decided to turn its attention to the needs of the Developing World. HTG is in an ideal position to help the people through leveraging the Electronics Supply Chain resources in China.

Click on the link below for more projects we have done recently.