The HTG Vision

Hope Tech Global is all about helping people in the Developing World through leveraging the Electronics Supply Chain resources in China. We strive to provide Hope through Technology on a Global scale. HTG, its people and its products embody hope.

Our people live it, our products give it, and our customers feel it.
Live it, Give it. Feel it.

People living in the Developing World face many more challenges and the odds are stacked against them. They lack stable infrastructure that we in the Developed World take for granted so easily. They also lack or have restricted access to services and products that can greatly help them to get ahead in their World.

The Challenge of the Developing World

Communities in the Developing World face two challenges when it comes to products that can benefit them.

  • The first challenge is the Price vs Quality tradeoff.
  • The second challenge is the lack or restricted access to products.

The Price vs Quality trade-off can be broken down into 3 categories:

  • Good quality but very expensive price
  • Low cost but poor quality
  • Products that are not engineered for their needs

The second challenge is access to affordable products. Communities in developing countries are located far from factories and have to struggle with:

  • Cost of transportation of the goods.
  • The greedy middle men that control the access to the product.
  • The unscrupulous customs officials that hold on to goods and demand bribes.

These increased cost is always passed on to the end user.

The two challenges combined make it hard for the people in the Developing World to get quality products that are delivered to them at the reasonable price. So the people that really need the product actually end up paying the most.

Our Answer

Hope Tech Global has taken up the challenge to create great products that will change the lives of people living in the Developing World.

We design our products to:

  • Change peoples' lives by its functionality.
  • Challenge the status quo through improved technology. Our products will last longer and perform better than those in the market.
  • Create new possibilities for people living in the developing world so that families can embrace a brighter tomorrow.

HTG can do this because it is based in Beijing, China and can easily leverage the Chinese supply chain. We call this approach – DESIGN FOR CHINA MANUFACTURING

Design for China Manufacturing allows our clients to achieve optimum product cost and production times.

Innovation drives our multicultural team and we are able to understand the needs of the developing World through our network that reaches into 130 different countries.

One of the most significant challenges in helping people in the developing world is to cover the last mile. HTG has created a distribution system, built around empowering like-minded individuals who will be able to distribute Hope in their community. With this model HTG can control costs and ensure that the people who most need the product can actually get it at the best price.

The above combination allows us to create great high-quality products that bring Hope at an affordable price. Our distribution system gives us a channel from the Factory Floor to the Customer’s Door. The goal is to remove the middle men,and counter the distribution of inferior products.

Please Contact Us to explore more about how we can start to work together to create a Brighter Tomorrow for those living in the Developing World.